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You probably don't know me. You probably don't even know who I was. I used to be something else entirely, but that changed. I was sucked in so long ago that I don't even want to think about how long it was. I'm surprised I remember that I was something else. “I am a monster” is the only other thing, I think, I remember for sure. For the life of me I wish I knew what that meant! I guess that doesn't matter.
"Monster... I am a monster," it said? It picked up a black object which fitted in its grasp roughly. It took up all the space in its dirty hand. It continued to question itself about what it was and where it came from. It took the black object and scraped it hard against the semi reflective surface. Scraaatch. It crumbled. The black object was now half the size it was, with sharp shards of the rest on the ground. It forgot another thing. Why didn't the black object carve into the surface? It placed its hand on the reflective surface. Touching the surface with the tips of its digits the surface began to crumble like the black object. It then looked at itself in a distrustful manor. It was as if it were mad as to why it didn't know it could do that. Frustrated it dug its claws into the wall and began writing Monster.  
"What is my name?" It had lost its name. The name would not be known to him for as long as it would probably live. Giving up it decided it needed to know it had a name. A name really didn't matter to it, but holding on to a new name instead of trying to remember a forgotten one, seems like a better idea than not. It looked at what was made on the reflective surface. The surface was really a macrecinc rock embedded into the wall. The macrecinc rock has a purple and brown tint that alternates depending on the angle it's looked at. It was silent. "I need a name," It thought. "...Mirror..." (Not final name. Multiple name changes will underway.

Outside the caverns and within the trenches of dark pillars Mirror's marks trail long and far. The markings' trail continues and continues. Its origin is unknown, but they lead right back to Mirror. (Far, far away in a galaxy? NO! Stop messing around!) Much, much further away there was another "Monster" studying some odd symbols engraved in the homasessoon ground. Homasesson was a material which was a mix of different shades of black. This new monster looked as if it were the same species as Mirror, but looked much more deformed. It looked as if it was on the brink of starving to death. If it looked through a macrecinc mirror it would it would see its own goggles wrapping around its pot shaped head. What was it doing?
"I have no memory of anything," It said. (Lost memory but has recordings? or memories that were recorded) It was kneeling down with one hand on the ground and the other supported on its knee. It spoke as if it was a joke. It felt around the carvings and then felt uneasy. Why was this material in crumbles? This was odd, but this wasn't the time to worry about how something that could cut through homasessoon. The word “ALONE” with a bunch of X's was put into the ground. "Yet I can read"
It hunched over the writing as if to look for more. No, it was nothing more than carvings within the seemingly indestructible homasessoon. This material was something to hard for it to try carving into it with an object nearby or with its fingers for that matter. It thought about, what possibly had to happen to have something chisel into this. Looking at the cord like extension that came from its lower back, it wanted to make a test. It knew from multiple occasions testing the surface with its tail wouldn't achieve anything with this material. So it decided that it would just save this image to its head.
There it went. The first image that was it had taken since being conscious. The image had been floating in front of his vision along with the other three. Then it flew out of its site pushing the others to take its place, making room for the new one. (Doesn't delete)This was the first time it saw what happens after its vision was filled up with images. Simply removing it is pushing it left out of its vision, putting it in its blind spot, presumably counting it as destroyed. The Image wasn't very much, but was taken when it awoke, and losing that might have been regrettable. Luckily the picture that was next in line to vanish, if it were to take in another, had also been taken where it first awoke in this place.
It placed its other knee on the ground, rapping its long arms around its thin waist. It felt a twinge stab at its gut. It was suffering from starvation. The discomforts that the hunger pains gave were agonizing. The crossed arms that held it, clamped tightly on to its skin. The fingers dug into its sides as it hunched over, pressing its forehead against the hard ground. “Stop,” It begged. The creature continued to suffer through the throbbing pain. There was no one in miles from him. It kept in one place unable to move, because of the pain. As sudden as the pain came, just like that it began to fade. It was left with the feeling of its chest pulsing aggressively with its heart. A long silence came after. No movement came from it. The silence was ripped abruptly with coughing. “N-COUGH! No!,” it spoke breaking through the cough.
With its right arm it placed its hand on the ground, pushing some of the black homasessoon dust away. It removed its head off of the ground, mouth open taking in the atmosphere. “Not here,” it said following with another cough. It slowly worked its way up from the ground to a standing position. It made a half attempted grumble. Despite Its pains it took a step. Grease was moving again. “There must be something,” said grease.
Grease had traveled long and far. From the time Grease awoke, it managed to find nothing else alive. Grease began to try and recall where it was. The memory that came to it had a rocky path between two walls. It had slipped and ended up falling into it. This was a trench that went on and twisting and turning. The trench opened up to the black dessert.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Lost, deprived, and with no memory of ITself. The past was nothing but bit and pieces that made this creature able to understand what was happening around IT. It was obvious that it just didn't come out of thin air, when it find clues that some IT more about IT’s past.
What was it? It had no idea what it was and why it existed. It would wonder why
IT was neither a male nor a female. IT has had no idea how it came to be. It just happened to be. It was a creature and
XGrease continued on for hours. It was just set on moving forward in hope to find something; anything at all. The closest change for miles looks as if it were going into the horizon. It was probably another mountain with nothing more than lifeless rocks. Every step Grease could feel its shriveled up muscles struggle to stay intact. The soleus muscles, behind its leg, were on the brink of snapping like a rubber band. Another step and its ankle gave way. Grease watched as the pure white sky that engulfed its vision, became the hard black ground.  It gave Grease no mercy.
XGrease opened its eyes and looked at the arm on its side. It clenched and slowly moved its fingers that lay across from it. The color of the sky and ground suddenly blended together with its arm. It was hard to tell the difference what was its arm and what was the. Everything it saw went back to normal, but only for a few unmoving seconds. Again everything blurred and made everything vague.  It was darker and the breeze that could be felt was no longer there was felt. Eyes lids and its warmth closed again over the unmoving desert. The little warmth around its eyes was so invited; more than it ever was. They were heavy and didn't want to open. Grease was trying so hard to not give in, but it didn’t matter when Grease fell into the blackness. Grease was unconscious.
X(Dream1)Thousands of gears, cogs, and prongs floated in the blackness spinning. Each cog moved the next, turning one another. Many of the gears were small, but the ones that weren’t small were huge; like the size of a mountain. Circling about a mile around Grease only made out the bigger one’s for what they were. These cogs were in a sphere around Grease. Grease looked at it all unable to think. They were far out moving at a steady pace. Looking to its side Grease noticed an empty spot in the gears. It looked as if one of the cogs were missing. The longer Greased look at this hole it noticed something else. The cogs were closing in.  The cogs came closer, bending each other in order to continue moving. A piece of metal, about the size if Grease’s fist, flew at Grease’s face.
XGrease was awake, but with eyes closed. Numbness had swept through its body. Grease inhaled and tasted unfamiliar chemicals in the air. It felt a faint coldness touching its front. It took a minute before becoming aware that it was awake. Grease’s eyes opened to the site of metal ribs, and robotic skeletons. It was in a kind of scrap pile bowl. Its feet were above its head leaning on a risen mound of metal, with head on the scrap. Grease propping itself up, made a small avalanche roll over it. IT scrambled to get the metal off. Once managing to stand Grease took in where it was.
[Creepy music box soundcloud]Turchanool is a large region a little ways outside the black desert. There is a lot of junk in this area and empty structures. The weather usually has the place under constant clouds and rain. Turchanool resembles a large factory without a ceiling in the sky to cover it with. The rain has covered everything with rust and has taken most of the machinery that existed out from existence.
Further observation and Grease learned that it was in a large well. This well appeared to be completely packed machinery. The opening was about a yard above its head. It could see some bars of metal hanging over the top casting a shadow. It could reach the top with its hands without having to jump for it if needed to. Grease put its attention towards its feet. Its feet laid angled on a folded sheet of metal and various pieces of scrap. Through the spaces between the metal under ITs feet Grease saw far below was water.
Grease took a moment to watch a small metal wrench slip through a crack going down. It clanged and made sounds, bouncing against anything on the way down. Finally the object made a “kerplunk” and then a sound of hitting something underwater. The surface bubbled at bit. Grease went to make a turn to get out of the well, but then most of the metal in the well shift throwing more into the water. Grease stopped immediately and put its attention towards the water. The water where the wrench went in as well as the rest that fell in began forming foam. A long piece of metal reached out of the water, but was sinking just as well.
The heap of metal Grease was on was only supported by a few pipes from underneath. The metal heap had lodged it’s self above the water. The acidity of the water was melting everything below slowly.  The trash that spilt into the well that Grease awoke on, Grease figured wouldn’t be climbable. Taking a step to the closet of the walls the metal that weaved together unraveled like cloth. Its foot descended  into the hole pulling the rest of Grease with it.(psyche)Grease fell down and it all ended there, If it weren’t for catching itself on the sides of the gaping hole. (IT was playing some sick game of twister) It stretched out, arching, over the whole hands and feet on opposite ends.
Under Grease’s right hand all that was under it collapsed and fell below, making ITs right side outweigh the left side. Its own weight pulled it down making IT go in the gap. Its right leg swung down, making Grease spin to face the gaps side. Only ITs left hand and foot were left holding on as IT was dangling. It punched ITs right hand into the scrap just as Its other leg gave way. ITs lower half fell and pulled on Grease’s hands that held on to what they did. Grease swayed back and forth until IT hung motionless. Smaller pieces of scarp continued to slide into the water. Grease pulled itself up with the help of ITs tail.
After getting back to where Grease started, IT took a rest before continuing on. It was still hungry beyond belief. It took the time to observe its surroundings a bit before getting out sitting. The heap of junk seemed to be suspended by a series of steel pipes. Grease had attempted to test it by hanging on the side of the well and bashing the inside with ITs feet. After testing, Grease slumped on the side across from the hole at the center of everything. The rest wasn’t long because staying in this well was far from a good idea.
On the outside of the well Grease found everything things else looking similar to what was in the well. The ground was almost completely covered in robotic skeletons and trash with water gather underneath them from the weather. Grease gave the weather a benefit of a doubt and decided it wouldn’t be good if IT were to stay out and wait for rain. It took shelter in a nearby building that probably wasn’t any safer than everything. Grease ran as fast as it could to the structure melting the bottom of ITs shoes.
Inside was very crowded compared to the outside.  The inside walls were lined with pipes some with holes and some without. The some of the pipes that covered the wall reached out across the room leaving little light within. The inside had a floor that was shriveled up as well and also contained many holes. Grease weaved through the different pipes and step over the every hole in ITs way. After minutes of walking, Grease had reached the back of this large building. It was pitch black here with Grease unable to see. Grease usually wait for iTs eye’s to adjust for hours to be able to see in the darkest of places, but this was unneeded. Grease sat crouched knees in the air and an arm on the wall. “Light,” it commanded. It had thought of a light and command for it getting that light. Grease flinched ITs head back slightly when ITs goggles blinded IT until everything became clear again. Grease was in a large hallway.
There were a bunch of metal cylinder containers covered in mud and dirt.  They were grayish green color. They covered the hallways walls. Grease immediately walked over surveying the area around IT a little less. It picked up a container half the size as IT was. Grease looked the topless lid. A loud crash echoed in the walls after. Grease had thrown the container at a wall the opposite direction. “No,” Grease said. IT picked up another container to find it just as useless, bearing nothing but rust and dirt. Another one was unopened, completely untouched. Grease ripped it down the middle with iTs metal tail and proceeded to sever it with ITs own hands, but Its hopes still didn’t help. There was absolutely nothing. Grease tossed both pieces with anger down the corridor. One of the pieces sounded as if it fell down one of the gaps in the floor to a basement. “No no no NO!” Grease said
One after another the containers were thrown left and right, with no silence in between the crashing. Everything in that hallway was opened, torn, and thrown out until there was nothing left, but the interior of a wall at the end of the hallway.  Nothing, but Grease’s hard breathing and the sound of water drops far off in the facility broke the silence in to echoes. Grease stood tall, but with a head down. Its Anger turned into sadness. The settling of the containers and the sounds that came with them, helped kick the reality back into Grease’s head. Grease took a breath taking in the chemicals from outside, which were being masked through the sieve (siv) like pipes.
Grease was an extremely strong willed creature (person?monster?). It wouldn’t have the will to give in until the absolute end. Grease has built up an immunity to pain like no other could imagine possible, if there was any other. An immunity which made ITs mind absolutely clear and sound. Whatever was to come next, Grease would be the one to endure it. True Grease hasn’t exhibited the extents IT can go to, but that’s only goes with what memories Grease can recall.
Grease took ITs time to think a little more about Itself and what was going on. It thought about how IT appeared In the well outside. Exactly where was IT, IT thought. IT wondered how IT got to this place after being in the black desert on the brink of death. In that desert Grease remembered that nothing was near other than what was coming up in the horizon. Grease then recalled remembering to have seen some strange carvings in the desert. That’s right; Grease had been observing it before falling into unconsciousness.
Grease went on through searching through the rooms as It looked through the images IT stored.  Yes, the Images were still the image of ITs hand and a carving put into the desert. Grease didn’t even remember fully taking this picture, but IT knew this must have been taken by itself. Ok now Grease knew IT wasn’t crazy, but this picture wouldn’t help IT the least with finding food.
Grease has been hungry for the longest time, even since first “waking up”. There hasn’t been one thing deemed edible by IT. Actually Grease only had some basic idea that consuming something would help IT numb down the pain or do something like make it healthy. Out of the memories Grease could only remembering eating a purple looking fruit. It had held it up to the sky at one time or so it faintly envisioned. Grease snatched up a broken glass bottle and held it up eye level. Grease studied this object. This object IT figured could have contained some kind of nutrients. A shattering sound was followed by the sounds of glass dropping. Grease had taken a bite out of the bottle. This bottle had little taste, but that could have been to ITs current condition Grease thought. This glass was definitely something edible. Grease went in search for more glass bottles.
A loud screeching sound pierced Grease’s hearing. Grease's insides felt like they were shriveling up.  IT turned toward to the direction of where the entrance was. This is where the sound came from. Grease attempted to listen for what had made the sound. After a few minutes Grease began to walk towards the screeching sound.
The ground started shake faintly. Somewhere in this facility one of the pipes which lined the walls had just been crushed, holes began to be punched into the floors within, and walls between rooms were being knocked down from their frames. Sounds of all kinds where moving through the facility. The sounds of clanging pipes, crunching floors, and scraping sounds of metal on metal were getting louder.
Grease entered an old boiler room which ended up being a dead end. Grease ran out just as the walls of the room were destroyed. Grease continued to run towards the exit. IT ran into the corridor that had the grayish green containers. Grease was followed by a large wiry claw which removed the floor a few yards behind IT. The claw pulled on the ground which dragged out the arm attached to the claw. Along followed another claw attached to a longer arm. The claws penetrated opposite walls of the hallway pulling the upper half of a body out of the floor. The two arms stabilized what the arms supported. The arms bought out the behemoth. Several thinner arms with sharp points at their ends, grew from thei sides of the bigger ones. The points of the smaller arms were needles that thinned out to a point like one of a metal sewing pin.
The behemoth raised the long arm out from the wall on its left and punched it into the wall across from it. The behemoth's center opened up revealing a kind of mouth full of razors and . Revealed
Featuring Scarf and also Some one new... Grease
I plan to continue this story, but I'll share this for now... It's mine don't you FKING copy it as it's all original! Sorry

Thank you...
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